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Here we goooooooo...

Please be aware, this comic contains mature content some readers may find disturbing, including noncon/dubcon (aka rape) and gore. The purpose of this comic is basically just to see if I can stick to a schedule and improve my skills. If I stick at it and improve enough I'll probably come back at some point and redo the early pages.

EDIT: if you're seeing this edit, you're here at an interesting time. The year is 2021, and last year I drew just so, so, so *very* many penises... Spoiler, I DID stick to my schedule, and my skills DID improve, as you can see from above. I doodled a bit as a kid and teen but that first page of KOLBU is probably my first ever genuine attempt at art. My policy was then and still remains, I will not strive for perfection. I refuse. Instead, I will just smash out pages as fast as possible and publish them without second thoughts. It suits me. It gets shit done. I like it.

That said, I am currently redrawing this chapter. It will be the only chapter I redraw, but the skill leap is too big to ignore, and I want to even it up a bit. Eventually, I'll just upload the new ones in place of the old and maybe add another text edit here or something, idk. No idea when that will be either. In the meantime, enjoy! I'm so happy to see you here.

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