Below is the timeline of short stories, chaptered pics and comic chapters in chronological order. These are just the ones set in stone as of writing this list. More will be added as time goes on and the timeline for the pics compared to comic chapters becomes clearer in my mind.

Leaf (m/m oneshot) – Bullied and harassed, Leaf’s tormentors take it too far when they drug him and convince an enemy soldier to rape him one night. But, rather than the brutal ravaging they’re expecting, Artux treats him more gently than Leaf’s ever been treated before. And Leaf finds he doesn’t want to go back to his camp with the bullies if something better is on offer…

KOLBU Chapter One (m/m) – Kolbu encounters Fray and takes him back to camp.

Wolfe (m/m long chaptered) – Wolfe’s life is ripped from under him when bloodthirsty invaders take his father’s fort and hold the entire town to ransom. He was raised a lord, meant to be a man and represent his family’s interests at court. Instead, he’s gifted as a bride to the giant warrior Rune. Will his new husband be kind and reasonable? Or will Wolfe forever be chattel, a prisoner dressed in finery and fucked without care every night?

Bethilde (f/f short chaptered) – Bethilde can’t get Cerise out of her mind, and will stop at nothing to prove her affections are genuine.

Quentin (m/m oneshot) – Some lords are brats and need to be put in their place.

–Tomas (m/m/m oneshot) – Tomas thought that escaping Tithdale would help him forget his trauma. A couple of Murkuri prove him wrong.

–Silas (m/m oneshot) – Ariete takes advantage of the budding friendship between himself and a barkeep.

Cyre (m/m/m short chaptered) – When Cyre falls into a patch of deadly Godsbreath flowers, he’s certain it’s curtains for him. But the Murkuri are familiar with the flowers’ lethal pollen – and in Murku they have ways of dealing with it that Elbiyans would never dream of.

Kit (m/mlong chaptered) – Ariete has a very dim view of Elbiyans and their stuffy morals. His impression is only solidified when he gets captured so as to spy on a lord and meets Kit. Luckily, he doesn’t have to like Kit in order to fuck him, and an hour or so each night keeps him fresh and sharp for his mission. It’s not like he expects any of them to live long enough to regret it anyhow.

Cedar (m/m/m short chaptered) – When a young Murkuri seeks lessons from an older warrior on how to please his partners in bed, Cedar is chosen as his practice dummy. He doesn’t like how the young student treats him – but his teacher seems alright.