p 113

2 thoughts on “p 113

  1. Omgggg, I love this comic, it’s so adorable!!! And very hot 🔥
    I do wish it was pure text, more just so I can spend more time reading them,
    And maybe cause I would love more ASAP!!! But happy to have found this, I
    plan to follow it from now on!

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it, and that you found it! And, if fics are more your thing, I do have a side series with a lot of the same characters that’s only words :> You can find them all here. I recommend reading them in order and checking out the Timeline page to see how they fit with the comic, but tbh they should all function as stand-alone as well so it’s entirely up to you which way you read them. Thank you for commenting! Let me know how you go with them all <3

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