p 116

Where's Waldo edition! Find Kolbu, he's in one of the panels, but like... sneaky :> Side Story Links Also, I’m moving house soon so it’s one a week for a little while with a short break at the end of Chapter One if I don’t have Internet yet, and a pause in fics after the end of Cyre. You can follow my Twitter for updates

4 thoughts on “p 116

  1. top panel, bottom right 🙂

    1. Yes! Nicely done 😊 he just can’t stay away from that booty ig 😂

  2. Did you also upload on the 15th since your sched is tues and thurs? Im trying to find it but nothing loads 🙁

    1. Oh! Sorry, no, I must’ve forgot to update the website. I’m on a brief semi-hiatus while I move. It’s just one a week for a little while.

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